Branding Design: The Importance of First Impressions

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Your branding design is one of the most important features of your business that you’ll need to establish. Whether you’re creating an image for yourself as an individual or are starting up your own company, the way people see you and your products will play a huge role in the success or failure of your venture. While it may seem like branding design can be somewhat superficial, it’s actually one of the most critical elements of any successful business venture.

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Why is an Effective Brand Important?

Effective branding design is necessary to maintain the integrity and presence of your brand. Branding graphic design often accompanies logos, business cards, website design, packaging and company vehicles. An effective brand sends a message to your customers and helps define who you are. People look at a logo or typeface as a representation of an organization or company’s values and style.

How can you gain an advantage in the marketplace?

With so many products, companies, and competitors to choose from, you need a way to grab the attention of potential customers. Investing in a custom brand graphic design is one way to set yourself apart. Our process goes beyond just logos and includes total branding visuals that fit your brand identity perfectly. Our expertise with brand-building graphics has helped clients take their first impressions from average to cutting edge.

How to create a brand identity?

Creating a brand identity is an important part of business development. Here are some steps to follow when starting a brand or updating your current one.

  • Choose a name that is short, meaningful, and easy to pronounce in both English and any other languages you wish to use in the future.
  • Use color, typography, and imagery as symbolic representations in order to maintain a consistent look while making it as flexible as possible for different applications.
  • Spend time coming up with text-based logos that suit your brand’s personality. Logos should be versatile enough so they don’t age out quickly but still true to your niche so people can find you easily if they are looking for it within the same industry.

What can be done with your brand once it’s created?

Creating a strong brand identity is no easy task, but in the end the investment can be worth it. A well-designed logo will have instant associations with your brand, create an emotional connection with customers, and if done correctly can serve as the cornerstone for all brand design moving forward. What do you want people to think about when they see your brand? Do you want them to think about fresh baked bread? Friendly customer service? Quality products? Those associations should dictate your branding strategy. One important way that brands stay true to their own identity is through creating a well-thought out set of brand guidelines (or brand bible). Brand guidelines are documents that detail the personality, voice, and visual aesthetic that should always be upheld by the person creating content on behalf of the company.

Why should you invest in branding design?

Good branding design is an investment in your business that will pay off in the long-run. It helps you stand out and creates a strong impression that people won’t forget. Your branding design is a reflection of who you are and what you do, so you want to make sure it’s cohesive, professional, and eye-catching. You can spend your money on any number of other marketing strategies, but why not invest in the one that has proven ROI? A great brand graphic design will help you attract new customers while retaining old ones.

Where do you start with your branding design?

With branding design, the first step is to create a clear image that is targeted to the right audience. This can be done through color and pattern choices, typography, and photography. You may even want to hire a graphic designer or photographer for this phase in order to give your brand a polished look. Once you’ve figured out how you want people to perceive your brand on sight, it’s time to create an overall theme that represents your company message.

What are some examples of effective branding design online today?

Some companies with successful branding designs online include Hotel Tonight, Nike and AirAsia. A successful brand needs to grab your attention and not only make you think, but also make you feel an emotion. It should be memorable, the color schemes should be effective, and the logo needs to represent the company well. Nike’s signature swoosh logo is universally recognized as one of the most iconic logos in history.

Ready to take your brand to the next level? Let our branding experts at ITmonsters develop a comprehensive strategy for your business today!

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